Becoming Good News People – weekend workshop

This equipping experience is offered across a Friday evening, Saturday morning and afternoon and wraps up with Bill Hogg preaching at your Sunday gathering. Through group work, facilitated learning, inspiration and instruction, the goal for each workshop participant is that they:

  1. Will be refreshed!
  2. Will think and act as a missionary where God has placed them
  3. Will be empowered in gospel fluency
  4. Will have greater confidence in telling God’s Big Story and how God’s story has collided with their story
  5. Will be motivated to live on mission in their communities


Discovering the Art of Spiritual Conversation

In the busyness of life how can you cultivate the art of redemptive conversation? As we rub shoulders with strangers they become acquaintances. Some acquaintances become friends. As we move deeper into relationship, how do we weave the gospel into our friendships & conversations?

  • Learn the discipline of spiritual listening.
  • Cultivate the art of asking good questions.
  • Be equipped for gospel conversations that give reason for the hope found in Jesus!


Evangelism Made Less Difficult

Has “evangelism” become a “bad” word? Veteran evangelism trainer Rebecca Manley Pippert comments that: “We’re all uptight about evangelism.” This seminar will help you get unstuck in sharing your faith. You will come away equipped to winsomely share your faith without relying on techniques, a wire or a life jacket!


New & Ancient Evangelism

Understanding the contours of post-Christian Canada will help us faithfully follow Jesus on mission. Exploring the challenges and opportunities of postmodernism, urbanization, secularization, pluralism, new-atheism, and globalization will impact our approach to outreach. How can congregations express life that is Gospel-centered, Spirit led and Mission-focused in our new Canadian landscape? How do we face the challenge of being on mission in post-Christian Canada?


Leading Through Change

The prospect of moving an established congregation outwards on mission can be daunting. This requires fresh vision, clarity, courage and a willingness to navigate culture change. Peter Senge sagely remarked, “People don’t resist change, they resist being changed.” How can mission leaders who want to mobilize their congregation for multiplication navigate change? This workshop will address change dynamics and change strategies. Leaders will come away with fresh insights into the challenges of the change journey.


Recalibrate: catalyzing your congregation for mission

This seminar helps pastors and leadership teams tackle the issue of intentionally catalyzing the congregation to faithfully follow Jesus on mission, so that communities encounter Jesus in word and deed. This training experience explores the pathway to missional transformation and offers foundations for multiplication.