Stoking the Fires of Evangelism

Keeping evangelism front-and-center in the church is a challenge for every local congregation. The C2C Network wants to serve, support and equip you as you follow Jesus into your mission field. C2C is a Canadian church planting & church multiplication network committed to helping start new churches and serve as a catalyst for church multiplication in the established church.


Igniting Missional Renaissance 

How do you get the established church “back on mission?” What steps can you take to identify and encourage missionary leadership? How can you free up the “apostolic imagination” that is latent in the established congregation? Through consultation, establish churches are encouraged to become apostolic environments where believers embrace their identity as the sent people of God and invest their lives in kingdom advancement.

Bill will work alongside local leaders, supporting them by:


  1. Fostering an apostolic, externally focused vision through preaching, networking, conferences and training experiences.
  2. Conducting “mission audits” that will help established congregations listen to the Spirit, identify missional strengths and deficits, as well as identifying ways to follow Jesus on mission in their local context.
  3. Ascertaining church health and “missionality,” through qualitative interviews and S-W-O-T analyses.
  4. Developing learning communities for renaissance leaders where they experience peer-to-peer mentoring, resourcing and coaching as they move their churches outward on mission.
  5. Coaching and mentoring leaders as they pursue the missionary renewal of their congregations.
  6. Training leaders to understand the organizational life-cycle every congregation passes through, identifying where their congregation falls in the life-cycle continuum, and applying remedies that may spark renewal, foster recalibration, or require restructuring and re-planting as identified through the consultation process.
  7. Developing a re-planting strategy for churches that have experienced significant decline.
  8. Offering training in urban missiology and cultural exegesis.
  9. Helping established church leaders foster a missional culture and organic outreach in their context.
  10. Offering “Recalibrate” workshops that explore the Biblical theology of mission, evaluate current missional paradigms, and offer some practical “nuts and bolts” of how to move forward on mission.
  11. Delivering a four-part teaching series: “To Boldly Go (Becoming A Missional Church)”