Doug Balzar
Church Multiplication and Leadership Development Coach

Bill Hogg is uniquely gifted and anointed to fan into flame the idle embers of Gospel extension in Canada.  His ministry leaves people not with a desire to reach others for Jesus but places the tools and pathways for this on the bottom shelf.  I would commend Bill’s ministry to anyone who is serious about moving the culture of their community forward in effective missional engagement.



SteveBrown-248x300Dr. Steve Brown
Arrow Leadership, Canada

Bill Hogg’s dynamic communication is grounded biblically, tested practically and delivered passionately.  Bill’s razor sharp mind combines with his fervent heart’s desire to inspire faith-filled risk-takers and equip faithful ambassadors of the Gospel.  Did I mention he’s a lot of fun too?



Tony-Campolo-at-Johnson-University-2013Tony Campolo
A deeply committed Christian with a passion for youth.







Phil Colins
Senior Leader
Willow Park Church

I’ve known Bill Hogg for 30 years, he is an outstanding evangelist and communicator. Bill is a strategic thinker in the area of local church and mission. He is a rare resource for the Canadian Church, bringing his expertise to a church that needs to rediscover ways of reaching its community and transforming society.




Chris Douglas
Regional Director
C2C Network BC
C2C’s National Missiologist, Bill Hogg, has his hand on the pulse of church planting, urban missions, and church life in North America.  With warmth, humor, insight, and conviction, he is able to challenge and inspire his listeners while conveying not only the life changing message of Jesus Christ, but the reality of God’s amazing work across Canada today.




Norm Funk
Lead Pastor, Westside Church
Chair, C2CBC
There are certain voices speaking into the current missional discussion that need to be listened to – Bill Hogg’s is one of those. Not only is Bill a theologian, he’s a practitioner; a man not only well read but well practiced. If your desire is to learn from one with old school charm and learnedness mixed with a clear understanding of that which is current I couldn’t recommend Bill Hogg more highly to you.




lp-headshot-webLuis Palau
Bill’s zeal for communicating the gospel and gift in communicating the message appeals to a wide variety of people.







img_5096Dr. Carson Pue
Executive Director
First Baptist Church, Vancouver
Bill Hogg’s deep love for Jesus and the kingdom, his understanding of the nuances of culture, and his powerful use of language allow him to address hearts like a surgeon’s scalpel. Where other speakers (or leaders if you like) will whip up emotion to a fevered frenzy and call it ‘life change’, Bill masterfully puts God’s truth in a context a listener can relate to. Profound and yet simple, he leads them to a fork in the road decision, based on truth rather than emotion. He is quite simply one of the most gifted and effective speakers I’ve had the privilege of learning with.





Lowell Sheppard

Asia Pacific Director
HOPE International Development Agency, Japan

Bill Hogg is a trusted advisor and friend.  Since the years I first met in in Port Glasgow, Scotland, I have been impressed by Bill`s passion, intellect, communication skills andhumour.  Canada is fortunate to have him ministering with our boundaries.
As a pastor of a mainstream and liturgically based international church in Japan that was relocating from the suburbs to the city centre, I sought Bill`s help in advising us on all the opportunities and pitfalls of the impending move.  He spoke wisely in response to the questions we asked of him, and he gave us insights that we had not considered, almost all of which we acted upon.




Rev. John Smed
Prayer Current

Bill Hogg is no ivory tower missiologist.  He is a gifted communicator of the gospel.   He combines wit and wisdom.  His message engages heart and mind.  Bill’s wisdom comes partly from in depth study of contemporary thought.  He is capable and shows courage engaging scholars in debate and dialogue.  More importantly Bill blends cultural awareness with a deeply caring heart. This is gained from ‘street level’ practice with ordinary people and from a deep commitment to prayer.